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GOTS Certification

The GOTS Certification, or Global Organic Textile Standard, focuses on both ecological criteria and social criteria.


Biological criteria:

To obtain this certification for a fabric, strict environmental criteria must be followed, starting from the seed of the textile fiber plant; in fact, organic cotton seeds are not treated with chemicals and the use of genetically modified seeds is prohibited. The plant is grown without the use of chemicals, weeds and plants harmful to cultivation are manually eradicated and pest control is carried out naturally through beneficial insects for plants that act against potential parasites. Organic farming systems reintegrate and maintain fertile soil, through crop rotations and natural fertilizers, this implies a lower supply of water to the cultivation and a naturally more fertile soil.

It is estimated that the water consumption of an organic cotton crop is 90% lower than that of a traditional crop.

Harvesting is done by hand to preserve the length and purity of the fibers, thus obtaining stronger and longer fibers, as they are not weakened and damaged during the harvest, thus making the product more resistant and soft.

The processing is not carried out with chemicals, but natural water-based or clay-based dyes are used, which are less aggressive on the fibers and on the skin, making the fabric hypoallergenic, soft and long-lasting.

In addition, it is forbidden to use toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, GMOs and other enzymes, it is also forbidden to use chlorine-based bleaches and to use azo dyes, as well as other conditions on the purity of the fibers and on the disposal of wastewater.


Social Criteria:

All stages of processing must meet the minimum social requirements as established in the fundamental standards of the International Labor Organization, starting from safe working conditions and in accordance with hygiene standards, adequate wages, no hostile or inhumane treatment, no exploitation of child labor and no discrimination.


A GOTS certified fabric therefore guarantees the eco-sustainability of a product in all its phases, starting from the choice of the seed, through cultivation, harvesting and processing, up to the finished product ready to be shipped.


If you want to know all the details of this certification you can view the complete PDF by clicking on the image below:

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