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Planted Trees and Protected Ecosystems

One of our main focuses is the preservation of ecosystems and the repopulation of trees on our planet. Planting new trees does not only mean having better landscapes to observe, but above all it means having a greater number of allies in the fight against the lowering of CO2 in the atmosphere, and consequently in the fight against climate change.

In fact, trees, by nature, absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen, given the increase in deforestation and fires that have increased exponentially in recent years, we believe it is essential to repopulate the affected areas from these disasters, to protect our future and to rebalance the earth's ecosystem.

To do this we at Erynoole have decided to plant a tree for each product sold, and to plant another one for each package shipped, in this way at least two trees will be planted for each product purchased from Erynoole, but not only, in fact, in addition to planting trees, we ensure that they are protected throughout their life cycle.

Furthermore, to safeguard ecosystems, for each product shipped we are committed to protecting an ecosystem, through targeted donations to entities that deal with these issues, in rotation we will choose various habitats to protect, starting with the forests, but also reaching the oceans , to woods, lakes, rivers and so on.

Protecting an ecosystem means protecting all life forms that inhabit it, from the smallest ones such as insects and small plants, to the largest ones such as mammals, fish and trees. Preserving biodiversity and the wilderness on our planet is essential to allow us to live in a cleaner, more inhabited and healthier world.

But that's not all, planting trees and protecting ecosystems allows us to lower the environmental footprint given by the production and shipping of our products, the goal we have set ourselves is not just to bring ours to zero. environmental footprint, but rather that of falling below this limit threshold, this means that through the sale and shipment of our products we do not limit ourselves to lowering the CO2 emitted but we undertake to absorb larger quantities of those emitted and reintroduce oxygen into the atmosphere, with the help of our green allies.


Buying our products therefore means helping ourselves and the planet to live more sustainably and have a healthier world.


We currently collaborate with Ecologi, Ecocart e Treedom to plant trees and protect ecosystems, but we are always looking for new partners in this mission, as by diversifying and having more partners to work with we can cover more areas of the planet and help protect and restore more ecosystems and therefore more biodiversity.

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