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Are Electric Cars Really Sustainable?

Are Electric Cars Really Sustainable?

Electric cars are seen as a sustainable alternative to gas-powered vehicles, but their true sustainability is not clear-cut. Electric cars have lower emissions and are more energy-efficient than gas-powered vehicles, but the production and disposal of batteries can have environmental impacts such as deforestation, soil and water contamination, and greenhouse gas emissions.
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Effetto Serra (Parte 1) - Erynoole

Greenhouse Effect (Part 1)

The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon that occurs between a planet with an atmosphere (in our case the Earth) and between a star in its vicinity (in our case the Sun).
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Effetto Serra (Parte 3) - Erynoole

Greenhouse Effect (Part 3)

In the previous paragraphs we understood what the greenhouse effect is and what its main consequences are, but why has it become such an important problem?
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Ozono (O<sub>3</sub>) - Erynoole

Ozone (O3)

What is Ozone? Ozone is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms, it comes in a highly unstable gaseous form.

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Come gli incendi influiscono sulle nostre vite e sull'aria che respiriamo. - Erynoole

How wildfires affect our lives and the air we breathe.

What is a wildfire? A wildfire is a rush of fire and flames that develops in an area of ​​combustible vegetation, such as forests, woods and even deserts.

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Cos’è l’inquinamento, di che tipo può essere, e quali sono i suoi effetti. - Erynoole

What pollution is, what type it can be, and what are its effects.

The first thing to keep in mind is that pollution is not just smog or the exhaust fumes of a company, pollution is the alteration of the natural environment
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Inquinamento luminoso - Erynoole

Light Pollution

Light pollution is a serious problem of the contemporary era, due to all those sources of artificial light that are kept on at night on the entire planet
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CO e CO2 differenze e impatto sulle nostre vite. - Erynoole

CO e CO2 differences and impact on our lives.

CO and CO<sub>2 </sub> are two of the main air pollutants, although they are two very similar molecules, they differ greatly in their environmental impact and on people's health.
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Principali inquinanti dell’aria - Erynoole

Main Air Pollutants

In this article we give a general overview of the main air pollutants, where they come from and what the main environmental and health risks are.


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